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MagicIOC is a zero-configuration IOC container for .NET
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MagicIOC is a simple, zero-configuration IOC container for .NET.

It is based on the concept that interfaces are often created for the purposes of testability and loose coupling, as opposed to the ability to have multiple implementations. By using this assumption, MagicIOC allows for interface and class resolving with no configuration at all.

Here are a few examples of its usage. Note the lack of setup/configuration!

Resolving a class:
var myClass = MagicIOC.Get<MyClass>();

Resolving an interface:
var myInterfaceImpl = MagicIOC.Get<IMyInterface>();

Creating new objects instead of always returning cached ones:
var impl1 = MagicIOC.Get<IMyInterface>(CachePolicy.New);
var impl2 = MagicIOC.Get<IMyInterface>(CachePolicy.New);
// impl1 != impl2

That's all there is to it!
Now consider a more complicated class hierarchy:

public interface ICustomerRepository

public class CustomerRepository : ICustomerRepository

public interface IOrderRepository

public class OrderRepository : IOrderRepository

public interface IOrderProcessor

public class OrderProcessor : IOrderProcessor
    public OrderProcessor(ICustomerRepository customerRepository, IOrderRepository orderRepository)

var orderProcessor = MagicIOC.Get<IOrderProcessor>();

MagicIOC automatically finds the OrderProcessor implementation of the IOrderProcessor interface. It then discovers the ICustomerRepository and IOrderRepository dependencies, creates their implementations, and passes them to the OrderProcessor constructor.

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