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Node.fs if an F# implementation of the Node.js platform
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Node.fs is an F# implementation of the Node.js platform

It is still in extremely early development - so early, in fact, that it can't do much of anything yet, and has no real module system. I aim to keep the API as similar as possible to the Node.js APIs, while taking advantage of F#'s features where it makes sense. However, due to language differences (and the abundance of reserved words in F#) some things may be slightly different, or be named slightly differently.

It can currently run F# versions of simple Node.js apps, such as some of the ones from the Node Beginner Book ( Here is an example:

let http = new http()
let console = new console()
let url = new url()

http.createServer(fun (request, response) -> 
    response.writeHead (200, dict["Content-Type", "text/html"])
    let pathname = url.parse(request.url).pathname
    console.log "Request for %s received." pathname

    if pathname = "/upload" then
        request.addListener("data", fun data -> 
            let message = sprintf "You typed %s" data 

        request.addListener("end", fun data -> 


        let data =  "<html>" +
                    "<form action=\"/upload\" method=\"post\">"+
                    "<textarea name=\"text\" rows=\"20\" cols=\"60\">"+
                    "<input type=\"submit\" value=\"Submit text\" />"+

        response.write data


console.log "The server has started"
Console.ReadLine() |> ignore
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