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An IRC bot for posting a tweets content

Install Dependencies

To install IRCTweetParrots dependencies use:

npm install

Twitter OAUth

To use the twitter 1.1 API you need to get the OAuth access details by registering your application with twitter

Edit Configuration

In server.js edit the following lines to setup your connection:

var config = {
        ircServer: '',
        ircChannel: '#parrotTest',
        botName: 'parrot',
        twitterConsumerKey: '',
        twitterConsumerSecret: '',
        twitterAccessToken: '',
        twitterAccessTokenSecret: ''

To run the bot

node server.js

To run the tests

The tests are written in Mocha

To install (system wide)

npm -g install mocha

Then to run the tests:


It runs all tests in the test directory

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