A (deprecated) Java client for talking to Google Reader's (now-nonexistent) unofficial API
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Good News, Everyone!

It turns out that Google Reader is no more, so this code is only good for historical purposes. Thanks to any and all who happened to look at it.

Special thanks to Matt Mets for making this with it!

GoogleReaderClient - a Google Reader Client in Java for Processing


This project uses Apache buildr to compile, test, and distribute itself. If you have a reasonable (Ruby 1.8.7+, recent RubyGems) Ruby environment, you should be able to install buildr with:

$ sudo env JAVA_HOME=$JAVA_HOME gem install buildr

You'll then be able to run tasks like buildr compile, buildr test, and buildr package. The last command creates a JAR file for you include in your Processing project's code/ directory.

Support Jars

GoogleReaderClient requires several support JARs to work. It relies heavily upon the Jackson JSON parser and Apache HTTPClient 3.1.

Buildr will download these automatically to $HOME/.m2/repository/. You'll need to find all JAR files in this directory and include them in your Processing project's code/ directory manually. Hopefully this can be cleaned up in a future release.


include com.creatingwithcode.greader.*;
GoogleReaderClient grc = new GoogleReaderClient(username, password);
RecentItemsFeed rif = grc.getRecentItemsFeed();
for(FeedItem fi : rif.getItems()){
  // do something with the FeedItem