Project documentation template for my IA FabLab class at MICA.
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Example Project Repository

This is an example repository for project documentation for the MICA IA FabLab Class, Fall 2014 edition.

Each project should include:

  • A file in Markdown format describing the project requirements.
  • A brief PDF document (~200 words) describing what your project is about, how it works, techniques you used, issues to dealt with, etc.
  • A source/ folder containing the source design file(s) (OpenSCAD, etc.) for your project.
  • An export/ folder containing the ready-to-print STL files you used for your project. This is not required for laser cut projects.
  • An images/ folder containing photos of your finished form.
  • A brief video of your finished project in action, if it has any interactive elements.
  • A LICENSE file describing the license under which others may reuse your work for this project.

Each project belongs in its own repository with a naming convention like:


Leaving out any component or deviating widely from this format will cost you points.

This is a README in Markdown format.

You can learn more about GitHub and Markdown here.