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NodeNock - A Call-to-Get-In System Powered by Twilio and Foursquare

NodeNock is a Rails 3 application for mobile devices that lets people inside a locked location receive phone calls from people outside. Here's how it works:

One-Time Setup

  • Users go through a one-time registration process by logging in with their Foursquare account and confirming their phone number.
  • The phone number for NodeNock is posted outside.

Regular Use

  • Users check in via Foursquare whenever they are inside.
  • Folks who are outside call the phone number and are connected to one of the people who are checked in.


There are a lot of cool services and libraries that come together to make NodeNock work. Here are some of the notables:

  • Twilio - Provides a phone number to call and handles interacting with callers.
  • Foursquare - Provides info about who is inside.
  • jQuery Mobile - Makes pretty mobile web apps.
  • Rails 3 - Makes awesome web apps!
  • Omniauth - Makes logging in via Foursquare look easy.

Deploying NodeNock

NodeNock was built in a few afternoon sprints, and was intended for only one deployment, at the Baltimore Node. That being said, customizing and deploying your own version of NodeNock is pretty simple via Heroku.

Config Vars

  • FOURSQUARE_CONSUMER_KEY - You'll need to register an app with Foursquare to get this.
  • TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID - You'll need to register with Twilio to get this.
  • NODENOCK_PHONE - You'll need to purchase an incoming phone number from Twilio to get this.
  • NODENOCK_VENUE_ID - The Foursquare ID for this venue. You can find it with the Foursquare API explorer
  • NODENOCK_VENUE_USER_ID - You'll need to create a new Foursquare account for the location. Users will need to friend this account in order to be seen.
  • NODENOCK_VENUE_USER_TOKEN - Use your location account in the explorer to get this?
    • TODO: Make this easier. :)
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