Processing sketch to fill a 2D SVG shape with images of a bunch of random 3D STL objects.
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ThingiverseCollage - Processing sketch for filling an SVG shape with STL images

Implementation based on space filling Processing example:

Expects Plain SVG with a single path (no groups of objects).

 * This sketch uses a modified version the unlekkerLib to load and render STL 
   files.  Copy the libraries/unlekkerLib/ directory to your Processing 
   sketchbook's libraries directory.
   * More info about the original unlekkerLib can be found at:

 * With SVG filename (in data/ dir), desired bg and fill colors
 * With STL filenames (in data/ dir)
 * Choose min/max sizes and number of size steps
 * Whether you want the output saved to a PDF and the PDF filename.

How it works:
 1. Loads the SVG and renders it to an off-screen graphic.
 2. Loads the STLs and scales/centers them.
 3. Starting at the biggest size, chooses a random STL, orients it randomly, and
    renders it to a temporary graphic.
 4. Chooses a random location to try to render.
 5. Compares the temporary graphic pixel-by-pixel with the off-screen SVG
    (to test that it is inside the shape) and with the current screen (to test
    that it will not overlap with any shape already onscreen).
 6. If it fits, renders it and goes back to 3.  If not, goes back to step 4, 
    unless we've tried too many times to place this object already.
      * If we have tried too many times, shrinks to the next object size down
        and return to step 3.
      * If the size shrinks below the min_size, the sketch is done.

A Note On Loading STLs
  * Original lib:
  * Hacked to render FaceLists onto PGraphics.
  * Won't load ASCII STL files.
    * OpenSCAD and maybe SketchUp export ASCII STLs :(
    * Open and re-save ASCII STLs in Pleasant3D to make them binary. :)
  * Recompiling te unlekkerlib source:
    * OS X Example:
      * cd libraries/unlekkerLib/src
      * find . | grep \.java$ | xargs javac -cp /Applications/
      * find . | grep \.class$ | xargs zip ../library/unlekkerLib.jar