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Morris is a service for storing Webmentions from in a way that static sites can easily render them.


  • Clone this repo
  • Copy config.php.example to config.php and enter values relevant to your site.
    • See below for configuration details.
  • Run refresh.php to fetch all webmentions for your domain.
  • Copy publish.php.example to publish.php and customize it so that it triggers a rebuild and republish of your site.
  • Configure your webserver to make index.php available.
  • Enter the URL to your index.php and your chosen WMIO_WEBHOOK_TOKEN in the Web Hook section of your settings page.

Configuration Options

  • WMIO_WEBHOOK_TOKEN - a secret string chosen by you that will include in webmentions in order to verify that they came from
  • WMIO_API_TOKEN - a secret provided by that allows refresh.php to fetch all mentions for your domain. Accessible on your settings page in the API Key section.
  • WMIO_DOMAIN - the domain for which to fetch mentions
  • APP_DATA_DIR - the location where mention files should be stored. The directory must exist, and PHP must be able to write to this directory.
  • APP_INDEX_PATH - the location of the file that will contain the index of mentions. PHP must be able to write to this file.
  • APP_PASSTHROUGH_URLS - (optional) an array of URLs to forward received mentions, in case you have existing notification services set up.

Serving Morris with Apache

Morris expects to be able to access its sibling PHP files in a single directory, but you probably don't want to make refresh.php accessible to the world.

One way to do this with Apache is to set up a ScriptAlias directly to index.php:

ScriptAlias /wmio-receiver/ /path/to/morris/index.php
<Directory /path/to/morris>
	Options +ExecCGI
	Require all granted

Using The Stored Mentions with Your Static Site Generator

Static site generators like Jekyll and Hugo can access data files stored in JSON format.

How Things are Stored

Each webmention is stored in APP_DATA_DIR in jf2 format in its file.

The filename is of the form KEY.json, where KEY is the SHA256 hash of the source + target URLs of the webmention.

The index, stored at APP_INDEX_PATH, contains a JSON object of the form:

	"/some/path/on/your/site.html": [

Here's an example of how to use these with a Hugo site.

  • create a data/webmention_io folder in your static site
  • configure Morris to store mentions at data/webmention_io/mentions
  • configure Morris to store the index at data/webmention_io/index.json

(Note: Hugo doesn't like symlinks, so you can either configure Morris to store webmentions here directly, or create the directory in your Hugo installation and configure Morris to write into a symlink'd folder).

Now you can look up all mentions for a given Page:

{{ $mention_ids := index $.Site.Data.webmention_io.index .URL }}
{{ $mentions := apply $mention_ids "index" $.Site.Data.webmention_io.mentions "." }}
{{ $mentions := sort $mentions "wm-received" }}
{{ range $mentions }}
	... display things! ...
{{ end }}

The content inside of a given mention looks something like:

    "type": "entry",
    "author": {
      "name": "Amy Guy",
      "photo": "",
      "url": ""
    "url": "",
    "published": "2015-11-08T03:38:09+00:00",
    "name": "repost of",
    "repost-of": "",
    "wm-property": "repost-of"
    "wm-received": "2015-11-08T03:38:19+00:00",


Copyright 2017 by Marty McGuire

Licensed under the MIT License.


PHP webhook for caching webmentions for static sites.







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