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Currently waiting release to the iTunes Store.

iFives. The easiest way to send a high five.

  • Your friend just told an awesome joke? Give them a Five.
  • Your child got an A in class? Give them a Five.
  • It's your turn to buy a round of drinks? Give a round of Fives instead.
  • You destroyed that presentation at work? Give yourself a Five.
  • You can't pay your movers? Give them some Fives.
  • You can't reach across the table to high five? Give them a Five.
  • Someone just became the worlds best player in a video game? Give them a Five.
  • Someone said 'Slap me some skin?' Slap them some screen instead!
  • Just got a Five? Give them a Five.

With up high and down low, there's no being too slow if you have iFives!

iFives is an iOS app built in React Native with an API built in Ruby on Rails.

Note: If you clone this repo, you will need to run the build on an actual iOS device due to the fact that the simulator does not have a device token for push notifications. You also will not need to clone the API as the react-native app points to the hosted API. Until the actual iTunes release, all text messages and push notifications will be directed to the device running the application.

Please see: on how to run iFives on an iOS Device.

Tech Stack

  • React Native(React, JSX)
  • Javascript
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Twilio

iFives solves the problem of the unsatisfactory 'air five'. Users can send high fives to their contacts with the flick of a thumb.

Using native Push Notifications, if you receive a high five you will get an alert even if the app is closed. If a user doesn't have the app, Twilio sends the high five via sms, and invites you to join the app.

#Other features include:

* Beautiful design with Google Material Input forms

* Phone Verification System using Twilio

* Stats on Profile

* Visualization of all Fives sent and received.

* Drag and drop hands for the satisfaction of fiving.

* Native Push Notifications when receiving a five.

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