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Wordpress Vagrant

This is a vagrant for Wordpress projects


Firstly, ensure you have Vagrant installed, then:

git clone myproject
cd myproject
cp Vagrantfile.example Vagrantfile

Add the blog.vagrant domain to the /etc/hosts file:	blog.vagrant

This domain can be changed if preferred. See optional changes below.

Optional changes

Make whatever changes you need to VagrantFile and (or leave as is for default configuration). Below are some recommended/optional changes:

Change network IP and/or domain

The are a couple changes required:

VagrantFile "private_network", ip: "<new IP address>"

This new IP address must match the IP address in /etc/hosts.

Also, there are variables at the beginning of the script to change stuff like site URL, site title, etc.

Seeding database on vagrant up

Insert posts, pages, categories etc each time so the blog has content to work with even if just in development.

This script will install wp-cli so we can install and setup our new installation from the command line. This is also a really useful tool when we vagrant ssh.

Ensure these are placed at the end of the shell script:

Edit this line with your own user/pw/email for the admin user

# edit this line...
wp core install --url='<Blog URL>' --title='<Blog name>' --admin_user=<Admin user> --admin_password=<Admin user> --admin_email=<Admin email> --skip-email

Add some new lines to create posts/categories for testing in dev. These will be created on a new vagrant up:

# Create posts
wp post create ./lipsum.txt --post_title='Keep calm this summer' --post_status=publish

# Create category
wp term create category "News" --description="News"

Run vagrant

Now that and Vagrantfile are ready, start up the vagrant instance:

vagrant up

It should now be possible to view the new blog in the browser with the domain used. This will be http://blog.vagrant if unchanged.

What now?

Unless you've change the wp install command in provision, your can login to wp-admin with supervisor/strongpassword. Choose/download a theme, create menus, create posts etc

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