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#preview thumbHeadphones

###Installation and Notes

This is a pretty early release of a third-party add-on for SABnzbd.

To run it, just double-click the file (in Windows - you may need to right click and click 'Open With' -> Python) or launch a terminal, cd into the Headphones directory and run 'python'.

For additional startup options, type 'python -h' or 'python --help'

###Screenshots First Run

preview thumb

Artist Search Results

preview thumb

Album Selection

preview thumb


preview thumb

There are still a few things that I'm working on:

  • Post-processing doesn't work yet. Just use the categories setting with SABnzbd to customize your final download directory.

  • Importing your music library takes a long time. That's because for each artist, it tries to find all of their releases before moving on to the next artist. I might stagger how the info gets added, i.e. first it adds all the artists, then it goes back and adds all of their release information.

  • "Snatched" downloads don't change status to "Downloaded". I'm keeping a database of snatched downloads, but since post-processing doesn't work yet, I didn't want to change the status until the app knows for sure that the album has downloaded.

If you run into any more issues, visit and report an issue.

This is free software so feel free to use it/modify it as you wish.

If you have any ideas for the next release, also make sure to post that here!