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Logitech 4 Linux

This project is intended to provide kernel modules to support various Logictech input devices including:

  • G110
  • G13
  • G15
  • G19

Personally I don't know too much about any of the devices except the G110 (because I have one).

This work has been mostly done by a couple of friendly people on the Freenode IRC channel #lg4l

If you're looking for some help, best to drop by there and see if anyone's around.


All going well, you should be able to just install your kernel headers and type

# make
# make install

Now load the correct module for your device, eg:

# modprobe hid-g19

The modules will now be available but the device will still be grabbed by generic-usb. Run the rebind script to put the new module in control of the device:

# ./rebind