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NodeJS IRC client library
+How to get it
+The easiest way to get it is via [npm][]
+ npm install irc
+If you want to run the latest version (i.e. later than the version available
+via [npm][]) you can clone this repo, then use [npm][] to link-install it:
+ npm link /path/to/your/clone
+Of course, you can just clone this, and manually point at the library itself,
+but I really recommend using [npm][]!
+How to use it
This library provides basic IRC client functionality. In the simplest case you
can connect to an IRC server like so:
@@ -49,3 +67,5 @@ send() message which sends raw messages to the server:
All commands and events are documented in `` (hopefully). I hope to make
a more complete set of events/commands over the next few weeks.

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