Sending PASS to password protected irc server prepends : #87

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Seeing an issue using node-irc with a password protected IRC server.

When sending the PASS in this section:

It prepends : to the password (and thus the password fails)

It looks like from this line:

Here is what we saw when we enabled extra logging on our IRC server:
INFO | server.commands | #<NioAcceptedSocketChannel [id: 0x00b15b0c, / => /]> sent PASS-> :blah
INFO | server.commands | #<NioAcceptedSocketChannel [id: 0x01b3358f, / => /]> sent PASS-> :blah
INFO | server.commands | #<NioAcceptedSocketChannel [id: 0x00165861, / => /]> sent PASS-> blah

The first 2 lines were using node-irc - the last one used a generic IRC client.

Any ideas?

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