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Don't blow up on 'No such nick/channel' and showErrors before blowing up! #107

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  • Don't blow up on err_nosuchnick, catch it and log it.
  • It's a little easier to debug when we throw the pretty errors before blowing up.
jakswa commented Sep 14, 2012

👍 I'd like to see this as well, or at least some variation of it.

qsheets commented Oct 5, 2012

cjstewart88: all this extra code is unnecessary. The culprit is a single line self.emit('error', message);. This is what is making the client "blow up", as you say. All I did was change that line to self.emit('ircError', message);, and voila! It doesn't throw any more exceptions from IRC error responses.


We ended up noticing that a well, forgot to update this PR.

@cjstewart88 cjstewart88 closed this Oct 5, 2012
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