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Some silly irc servers doesnt support UTF-8 but other encodings (cp1251 in my case). So it would be nice to add support for them.

Currently node-irc works with utf8 only and there is no way to use another encoding here.


Can you please put this into the documentation too as part of your patch?

If so, then I'll happily merge this :-)



Hi, @martynsmith !

I'm using node-irc with the web-based irc client project, subway: https://github.com/thedjpetersen/subway
We need encoding support and i personally forked node-irc and serve it with this patch to subway package.json.
But I'd like to finish serving and want subway to get node-irc from here directly.

What kind of document is needed? You replied rlldwka 6 months ago and no answer.
If possible, I can prepare the document for you.
I really hope this patch to be accepted.



Well, the patch doesn't merge cleanly any more either.

You need to find someone that can rebase the patch on to the current master branch, and then add documentation to API.rst for it.

If I find time, I'll do this for you, but if you can (or know someone who can) do it, that'd be awesome :-)


We can continue any discussion in pull request #113 :-)

@tarlepp tarlepp referenced this pull request Jan 5, 2015

Added message auto encoding #269

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