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Quick fix

@damianb damianb commented on the diff Aug 13, 2012
@@ -382,7 +382,7 @@ function Client(server, nick, opt) {
self.emit('message', from, to, text, message);
- if ( to.match(/^[&#]/) ) {
+ if ( to.match(/^[&#+!]/) ) {
damianb Aug 13, 2012

have you tested this to confirm it works? those are regex metachars...

tuhoojabotti Aug 13, 2012

They do work in character sets, but of course escaping them might be good practice.

damianb Aug 13, 2012

yeah, that's what's been ground into me by my mentors for years, heh. wasn't aware that it wasn't necessary in sets, but I think I'll keep the habit for clarity's sake.


Oh and btw, this commit is by @tuhoojabotti instead of me.


Yeah, I had to make a quick fix to get the bot working before going live on national television. fixes:#97


Oh, also, it might be worth it to support...I believe the character is ~ - znc uses this for internal channels, and leveraging it for a small local channel is sometimes useful (I would use it myself for event notifications on my server and the like that I don't need going out to someone else's irc box).


@damianb let's stick with the standard features, shall we. IRC bouncers can have any number of extra features for specialized use. It's not worth complicating the library further to add functionality that is specific to one bouncer (doesn't compare to a network with thousands of users) and that the majority will probably never use or know about.

You are always free to make your own branch and add these features for yourself if you like. But, I mean I didn't even know about that feature in ZNC until you mentioned it just now.


then perhaps this should be config-driven? would allow for more flexibility in the end, and there's a ton of IRCd's out there too that can differ greatly when it comes to what modes/channel-namings they allow. would be a happy medium.

though, I highly doubt this would get merged, either way. it seems this package is no longer being maintained.


I agree with @damianb . It'd probably be best to have this configurable via config. I've certainly never seen + or ! as channel prefixes, but I can sympathise with people that come across "creative" IRC servers.

Does anyone want to volunteer to make this configurable?

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