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NodeJS IRC client library
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NodeJS IRC client library

This library provides basic IRC client functionality. In the simplest case you can connect to an IRC server like so:

var client = require('irc').Client('', 'myNick', {
    channels: ['#blah'],

Of course it's not much use once it's connected if that's all you have!

The client emits a large number of events that correlate to things you'd normally see in your favourite IRC client. Most likely the first one you'll want to use is:

client.addListener('message', function (from, to, message) {
    sys.puts(from + ' => ' + to + ': ' + message);

At the moment there are no helper methods for sending commands back to the server, so you need to use raw commands (via the send() function). To send a message for example:

client.send('PRIVMSG', '#blah', 'I am a nodebot!');

All commands and events are documented in (hopefully). I hope to make a more complete set of events and implement helped commands for sending messages etc in the next few weeks.

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