An ActionScript 3 game framework for developing games with Starling and Box2D.
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Sentinel Game Framework.

Note: This project is no longer maintained due to the usage of Flash and ActionScript being now void.

A modern ActionScript 3 game framework built on Starling, using Box2D for physics. The aim of Sentinel is to provide a consistent development experience by wrapping the Starling and Box2D libraries in Sentinel 'middleware' classes. These classes maintain their conventions and semantics across the framework, providing the highest level of readability and understanding possible.

Sentinel is broken down into three top level packages;

  • framework - Contains foundation classes used by the entire framework.
  • gameplay - Contains classes specific to actual gameplay such as the game BaseWorld and its Beings.
  • testing - Provides a small collection of classes to get up an running with temporary code (e.g. placeholder menus) as well as some debugging oriented additions including the TestGameplay class - allowing full control of the Camera using the arrow keys.


Please be sure to use a release from the releases section rather than downloading the master branch - the project is currently under heavy construction.


Companion Project.

I am remaking an old ActionScript 2 game using Sentinel, which you can view here. It should give a rough idea of how to use the framework until I have a thorough walkthrough set up on the website.