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A screenshot of the game

A child's game where you just see what you type on the screen, in big type. My 3 year old son loves hammering keys on my laptop when he sees me working on it and seeing the letters change on my text editor. I eventually grew tired of opening a new text editor window, zooming it in to ridiculous levels and making it fullscreen–that's why I created this app.

Play the game here.

If you have any questions you can open an issue or contact me through my twitter account.

Configuration options

You can configure the display options of the game if you don't like the colors or the, unapologetically selected, Comic Sans typeface.
Just pass a querystring to the URL, using one of the below options. They accept your typical CSS value, but don't forget to escape that # (convert it to %23) if you're setting colors.

Value Querystring
Text color textColor
Background color bgColor
Font family fontFamily
Font weight fontWeight
Font style fontStyle

For example, the url,sans-serif&fontWeight=800&fontStyle=italic will result in this:

A screenshot of the customized game


A child's game where you just see what you type on the screen, in big type.




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