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This repository has been archived by the owner on May 2, 2024. It is now read-only.
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RTSP Netfilter code for v2.6 respectively 3.x kernels

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I have not touched this code in years, therefore I am putting this repository in Archive mode since there are apparently still some active users.


This software is provided as is. I take no responsibility if it destroys your data or opens up a security hole on your firewall. That said, I have yet to hear something about this happening.

I did not create this code myself, most was written by Tom Marshall, later on Harald Welte and then Steven van Acker ported it to the new 2.6 netfilter API. I just picked up this code in 2007 and made it compile and hopefully work with the new changed netfilter API.


Of course there are. One of the most important ones, is that you MUST NOT filter outgoing connections otherwise the reply packes go missing. I tried to figure out, why the _expect call is not taking care of the outgoing connections but I was not able to figure this out. I gladly welcome patches that fix this and other bugs.

Build Instructions:

Have the kernel source ready in some place and NF_CONNTRACK_NAT enabled in the configuration otherwise you will get an error during make. The Kbuild setup looks in /lib/modules/`uname -r`/build for the source.

If the source is located in another place set the KERNELDIR environment variable accordingly.

After that a:

  • make
  • make modules_install (as root)

should be enough. Then do a "modprobe nf_nat_rtsp" as root and try to connect to a RTSP service.


RTSP Netfilter code for v2.6 respectively 3.x kernels







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