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= Piggydb Changelog =
== Changes in version 7.0 (2016-02-16) == #v7.0
* Upgraded the required java version to 8
* Fixed
* Redesigned the page header, login form, etc
* Put the database title as the main title
== Changes in version 6.18 (2014-03-30) == #v6.18
* Added an All/Any switch to the incremental tag-search
* Added a Related Fragments feature
* Fixed
== Changes in version 6.17 (2014-02-16) == #v6.17
* Added an incremental tag-search feature to the fragments view
* Added MathJax support
* Simplified the global search
* Many style fixes
== Changes in version 6.16 (2013-10-18) == #v6.16
* Added Fragment Quick View
* Mouse hovering over a fragment link brings up a pop-up view for the fragment
* Updated the default UI to use HTML5
== Changes in version 6.15 (2013-09-17) == #v6.15
* Tag icons for each type of tag: plain, tag-fragment, system
== Changes in version 6.14 (2013-09-01) == #v6.14
* Added a button to expand sub-fragments at the bottom of the fragment content
* Added support for non-ascii file names
== Changes in version 6.13 (2013-08-11) == #v6.13
* Added a tool button to show a tags view pop-up
== Changes in version 6.12 (2013-06-01) == #v6.12
* Updated the fragments view search to accept a fragment reference (#<number>)
* TagPalette will be refreshed after a fragment is created/updated
* Droppable elements are highlighted during dragging a draggable
* Fixed a bug:
== Changes in version 6.11 (2013-05-25) == #v6.11
* Added an incremental keyword-search feature to the fragments view
* Added an icon next to external links in fragment contents
* Removed the calendar from the home page
== Changes in version 6.10 (2013-03-31) == #v6.10
* Added short-form URL for Document View (/d/<ID or tag name>)
* Updated the internal links in Document View to link to a Document View page
* Added a Document View button to the global header bar
* Added Korean translation (thanks @clockoon!)
== Changes in version 6.9 (2013-03-23) == #v6.9
* Updated Document View
* added a navigation to the parents and home
* added support for smart phones and tablets
* Updated the public home feature to support the home fragment
* Changed the default setting: disabled UserAgentAuth
== Changes in version 6.8 (2013-02-14) == #v6.8
* Improved horizontal view of Smart Layout
* each column has its own scroll bar
* Fixed fetching of home sub-fragment relations (to be more eager)
* Fixed
* Updated the js to keep from toggling the content when clicking on the selection checkbox
== Changes in version 6.7 (2013-01-13) == #v6.7
* Home Fragment
* the old #home tag has been replaced with this feature
* allows to reorder the fragments at the home
* allows to put tag-fragments at the home without any side-effects
* Fixed
* Updated the "remember me" feature to store a session for two weeks
== Changes in version 6.6 (2012-12-30) == #v6.6
* Fragment Shuffle in Fragments View
== Changes in version 6.5 (2012-12-15) == #v6.5
* Added a description label with results count to Fragments View
== Changes in version 6.4 (2012-10-17) == #v6.4
* Added Smart Layout
* Switching automatically between vertical and horizontal view according to the window size
== Changes in version 6.3 (2012-10-01) == #v6.3
* Updated the Fragments View slider to have a new level of zoom: full-fledged
* Improved the color scheme a little bit
* Fixed the code syntax highlighting bug in the Document View
== Changes in version 6.2 (2012-09-17) == #v6.2
* Updated the home fragments in the home page to be expandable trees
== Changes in version 6.1 (2012-08-27) == #v6.1
* Cleaned up the main menu
* Deleted the menu implemented with
* Home => the title banner link
* New Filter => the tool button on sidebar entry 'Filter'
* System => the user menu
* Changed the tag pull-down icon
* Updated the Jump-to-tag button to a more general Jump button
* Jump to a fragment by its ID
* Updated to open the content of a just created fragment if it has a toggle
== Changes in version 6.0 (2012-08-19) == #v6.0
* Added Extension Mechanism (marubinotto.piggydb.extension)
* Fixed a JavaScript error (deleted an import of js/piggydb-fragments.js)
== Changes in version 6.0-dev9 (2012-08-07) == #v6.0-dev9
* Switched the fragment form in the tag and filter page to the new editor
* Updated to ignore a duplication error when creating a relationship
* Updated to hide the New Fragment Buttons for anonymous users
== Changes in version 6.0-dev8 (2012-07-30) == #v6.0-dev8
* Switched the form of a child(related) fragment to the new editor
* Updated the editor to put a new line markup ("~") when Shift+Enter keys are pressed
* Added a fragment ID to the title of the editor for update
* Widened the keyword search input field
* Added a file icon to the captions of all file fragments except for image fragments
* Updated the caption of an image fragment to always have the image icon
* Fixed the bug that using a reserved word 'import' as a method name causes an error on IE 8
* Accessibility
* Modified all the meaningless alt="x"
* Changed the word 'delete" to the more appropriate word 'remove'
* Removed the default focus on the content area from the fragment editor
== Changes in version 6.0-dev7 (2012-07-17) == #v6.0-dev7
* Full-fledged File Upload Dialog
* Added the title and tags inputs
== Changes in version 6.0-dev6 (2012-07-12) == #v6.0-dev6
* Added the "Embed a file" button to the fragment editor toolbar
== Changes in version 6.0-dev5 (2012-06-29) == #v6.0-dev5
* Updated the "Edit this fragment" button to add on-the-spot editing for file fragments
* Fixed the problem that FileForm doesn't work properly in Safari
* Fixed the bug that a svg file is not displayed in a fragment view
== Changes in version 6.0-dev4 (2012-06-26) == #v6.0-dev4
* Added a File Upload Dialog and a "Add a file" button to the main menu bar
* Added a SVG icon to the standalone package
== Changes in version 6.0-dev3 (2012-06-12) == #v6.0-dev3
* Updated the CSS
* replaced the obsolete -moz-border-radius with border-radius
* updated the global message style
* updated the font-family properties
* Updated the the executable file icon (courtesy of Johnny Lau)
* Fixed bugs
* updated to close the quick editor if opened when updating by the new editor
== Changes in version 6.0-dev2 (2012-06-07) == #v6.0-dev2
* Made the new fragment editor available for updating fragments
* Updated the global message to use piggydb.widget.putGlobalMessage
== Changes in version 6.0-dev1 (2012-06-01) == #v6.0-dev1
* Added a new Fragment Editor
* available only via the global new fragment button in the main menu bar
* Rewrote all of the JavaScript code to be organized with namespace
* Reorganized the js/css imports with
* Narrowed the margin between the fragment nodes (to save space)
* Linked the title of the sidebar tag palette to tags.htm
== Changes in version 5.1 (2011-11-10) == #v5.1
* Added Two-way Relationship Creation and Display
* Moved the user-related actions from the main menu to the pulldown menu at the user name
* Updated the tag cloud to exclude system tags that start with '#'
* Fixed the style of <pre> in fragment content
== Changes in version 5.0 (2011-09-06) == #v5.0
* Fixed a bug -
* Improved Quick Edit: synchronizing all the fragment titles in the page after update
* Added Ajax error handling
* the session expired during quick-editing
* the target fragment has been deleted during quick-editing
== Changes in version 5.0-dev5 (2011-08-30) == #v5.0-dev5
* Added a cloud view to Tag Palette
* Updated the Sidebar Tag Palette to save view selection
== Changes in version 5.0-dev4 (2011-08-25) == #v5.0-dev4
* Updated the fragment part of the tag page to have full-fledged features
== Changes in version 5.0-dev3 (2011-08-22) == #v5.0-dev3
* Added a feature of converting a tag to a tag-fragment (an edit button)
* Deleted the Tag menu from the main menu
== Changes in version 5.0-dev2 (2011-08-14) == #v5.0-dev2
* Introduced Tag-Fragment
* added an "as a tag" toggle button
* updated the database schema
* updated the code for displaying/creating/updating/deleting/tagging a tag-fragment
== Changes in version 5.0-dev1 (2011-08-06) == #v5.0-dev1
* Updated Quick Edit to support fragment title
* Updated the fragment form: moved the title field to the top
== Changes in version 4.23 (2011-07-24) == #v4.23
* Updated Tag Palette to have multiple views: tree, flat
* Quick Edit can be used via the edit button (pencil icon) on the fragment toolbar
* Users can quick edit fragments which have contents hidden or no contents.
* Updated the fragments view slider
* Added validation for invalid chars in a tag name
== Changes in version 4.22 (2011-07-13) == #v4.22
* Added Quick Edit for fragment content
* Moved the parents of a fragment node from below to above the header
== Changes in version 4.21 (2011-06-17) == #v4.21
* Hide the fragment content toggle when the content to display doesn't exist
* Moved some of the components in the fragment body (update-info, fragment-parents) to the fragment-header
* Fixed the bugs
* Fixed the error link on the system error page
== Changes in version 4.20 (2011-06-05) == #v4.20
* Fixed a memory leak bug caused by H2 Database Engine
* Added "Debug Info" section to system-info.htm
== Changes in version 4.19 (2010-12-24) == #v4.19
* Upgraded the database engine (H2 Database Engine) from 1.1.119 to 1.2.147
* The old (v1.1) database files will be converted into the new format automatically
* Reimplemented the full-text search feature (marubinotto.h2.fulltext)
== Changes in version 4.18 (2010-11-13) == #v4.18
* Creating a relationship by drag-and-drop
* Updated the selected-fragments box so that users can drop a tag onto it
== Changes in version 4.17 (2010-10-14) == #v4.17
* Added a Tag Palette to the sidebar
* Added a filter list to the sidebar
* Deleted the recently-changed-filters.htm page
* Added a show/hide toggle to each sidebar entry
== Changes in version 4.16 (2010-10-05) == #v4.16
* Added a master content toggle button to the fragment page (fragment.htm)
* Fixed: during dragging a fragment in "reorder" mode, other fragments react as droppable targets
* which was caused by adding the drag-and-drop tagging feature in V4.15
== Changes in version 4.15 (2010-09-27) == #v4.15
* Tag Palette: Drag-and-drop Tagging
== Changes in version 4.14 (2010-09-08) == #v4.14
* Added sorting to the Fragments View
* Updated the calendar to allow a user to select a month as well as a day
* Changed the position of the wiki help button
== Changes in version 4.13 (2010-08-11) == #v4.13
* New Fragments View
* which allows users to zoom in and out on fragments with a slider interface
* Changed the design of the fragment tool bar
* which no longer hides the fragment header
* Updated the fragment's tag list to hide context tags by default
* A tag whose name starts with "#" is not inherited by a sub-fragment by default
* Added an embedded bulletin to about.htm
* Updated H2 Database from 1.1.115 to 1.1.119 (the final version of 1.1.x)
== Changes in version 4.12 (2010-07-14) == #v4.12
* Merged the sub-fragment views, "detail" and "tree", into "tree"
* Added Reorder button
* Added the other parents to content of a fragment node
* Updated the relation deleting feature to use Ajax
* Moved the position of the fragment tags to the fragment header
* Added a user activity logging
* Updated the standalone package to be able to run in offline environment
== Changes in version 4.11 (2010-05-20) == #v4.11
* Updated the Standalone Package
* to be multi-platform compatible
* to output logs to piggydb.log
* to detect errors more robustly
* to have README_zh.txt (Chinese)
* Updated the fragment-tree view to have toggles to show/hide the fragment contents
* Added Home Toggle to show/hide the home fragments
* Updated the Atom feed to have a fragment headline as a title
* Fixed:
== Changes in version 4.10 (2010-05-06) == #v4.10
* Added a new package: Standalone Package for Windows
* Fixed a problem where normal users cannot change their password if "changeableOnlyForCreator" is true
== Changes in version 4.9 (2010-04-20) == #v4.9
* Updated the fragment-tree view
* to be reorderable with drag and drop
* Removed the sort condition form
* to be expandable and collapsible (unlimited depth)
* Redesigned tag.htm
== Changes in version 4.8 (2010-04-11) == #v4.8
* Added Chinese language support(translation)
* Added a setting: "piggydb.entity.changeableOnlyForCreator"
* Wiki: added a new format for <br>
* Wiki: enabled image-labeled links
* Wiki: only standard URLs are processed as links in <pre>
* Wiki: fixed a case of too much line for the wiki parser
* Updated the fragment table: stopped hiding the footer / simplified the updated info
* Updated the fragment form to retain the height of the content input when preview
* Added a "Close the message" button
== Changes in version 4.7 (2010-03-25) == #v4.7
* Added Default Fragment Title Display
* Updated the fragment batch page to show common tags and parents of a batch
* Added a "Delete all (selected tags)" button to tags.htm
* Updated the fragment table: the footer is hidden by default
* Wiki: some wiki formats are available in pre-formatted text
* HTML & CSS: the content area's position is "static" and stops using inner scroll
* HTML & CSS: removed the border of pre-formatted text
* Updated the default value of "piggydb.database.prefix" to "file:~/piggydb" (added "file:")
* Fixed a bug: wrong count of fragments on tag.htm
== Changes in version 4.6 (2010-03-15) == #v4.6
* Added atom feeds to: home.htm, tag.htm, filter.htm, user.htm
* Wiki: enabled fragment:n URL for the labeled link format
* Slimmed down "Recently Changed Tags"
* Fixed a bug where a updater of a user-fragment will be "owner" after changing a user's password
* Fixed the bug:
== Changes in version 4.5 (2010-02-08) == #v4.5
* Added a menu [System/System Info] (system-info.htm)
* Added a "minor edit" option to the fragment form
* Changed the #home, #bookmark tags to be owner-privileged
* Added a display limit (30) to the number of related tags
* Fixed a restore bug
* broken transaction
* old fragment-files are left when restoring with an xml file
* Fixed a bug in FileRepository
* an old file is left when replacing it with a file with a different extension
* Fixed a updater bug where the first no-change update sets the updater to "owner"
== Changes in version 4.4 (2010-01-18) == #v4.4
* Anonymous Access
* Jump to Tag
* Added a fading highlight effect for a updated fragment
* Added fragment image links for the multi-column and the tree view
== Changes in version 4.3 (2010-01-04) == #v4.3
* Updated the tag name autocompletion to be available in any of the tag name inputs
* Changed the update/create datetime format to be relative
== Changes in version 4.2 (2009-12-17) == #v4.2
* Fragment Tree View
* Added a feature that allows users to create a new parent fragment of selected fragments
* Fixed UI bugs
* a multi-column bug (irregular gaps) on Safari, Chrome
* a recent-tags newline bug on IE, Safari, Chrome
== Changes in version 4.1 (2009-12-10) == #v4.1
* Integrated the "Tag" menu items together into one menu
* Added a new fragment view: "multi-column"
== Changes in version 4.0 (2009-11-30) == #v4.0
* Multi-user
* Default User Management (#user tag)
* Authorization
* Personal Home
* User Page
== Changes in version 3.18 (2009-09-06) == #v3.18
* Added Filter Rename and Delete
* Improved the fragment form (wider input box, help button)
* Updated the paging navigation for Tag Flat View
== Changes in version 3.17 (2009-08-30) == #v3.17
* Updated the fragment content editor with markItUp! (thanks Michael Mior)
* Added minus buttons to Related Tags
* Fixed the bug #9
* Fixed a JavaScript bug where selected tags can't be tagged with new tags
== Changes in version 3.16 (2009-08-21) == #v3.16
* Tag View (Tree/Cloud/Flat)
* Removed the title bar
== Changes in version 3.15 (2009-08-07) == #v3.15
* Updated Full Text Search to support tags
* Added omitted-relations marks (→...) to the normal fragment view and Document View
== Changes in version 3.14 (2009-07-11) == #v3.14
* Added Public Document (with Public Home)
* Added a wide keyword input to search.htm
* Added "Recently Viewed" to search.htm
* Updated the wiki parser to support "file:" URL
== Changes in version 3.13 (2009-07-06) == #v3.13
* Added Full Text Search
* Added "#" prefix to the special tags
* Upgraded h2 database version to 1.1.115
* Removed the help menu ("about" page is now linked from the version number)
== Changes in version 3.12 (2009-06-17) == #v3.12
* Added Image Viewer
* Fixed the problem where the content area is expanded by a large image
* Added a button to the fragment page for creating relations to the selected fragments
* Fixed the bug where sub-bookmarked fragments can't be removed from the bookmark list
== Changes in version 3.11 (2009-06-09) == #v3.11
* Added Fragment Batch
* Updated Youtube player size (560*340)
* Added a close button to the tag pulldown
== Changes in version 3.10 (2009-04-26) == #v3.10
* Added Document View
* Integrated the recently viewed fragments and tags, filters into one "Recently Viewed" list
* Added a "back" button to the tag pulldown
* Modified the style of <pre> to have a fixed-width and a scrollbar
== Changes in version 3.9 (2009-03-22) == #v3.9
* Added Quick Tag Access
* Added a fragment tool button: tag as home
== Changes in version 3.8 (2009-03-17) == #v3.8
* Added Tag Input Assistance
* Added fragment tool buttons to the list view
* Modified the tool buttons to be showed only when mouse pointer hovers over the fragment
* Moved the fragment form of HomePage to the top of the page
* Added css for print (doesn't work on IE)
== Changes in version 3.7 (2009-03-02) == #v3.7
* Added Fragment Bookmark with a special tag "bookmark"
* Added Related Tags to the sidebar of the tag and filter page
* Added fragments view switches to the tag and filter page
== Changes in version 3.6 (2009-02-16) == #v3.6
* Modified the wiki parser to be able to embed a preformatted fragment
* Modified the home page to allow a user to switch its displaying format (detail/list)
* Added a special tag "home"
* Improved the paging navigation
* Modified the date link to show fragments that was UPDATED on the date
== Changes in version 3.5 (2009-02-09) == #v3.5
* Rewrote the entire HTML/CSS to conform to XHTML standard
* Fixed display problems with IE
== Changes in version 3.4 (2009-01-29) == #v3.4
* Added special tags: "pre", "code", "lang-xxx"
== Changes in version 3.3 (2009-01-27) == #v3.3
* Recently Changed Fragments
* Fixed bug: modified the labeled link regex to not be greedy (thanks bonkabonka)
* Changed the logic to get a user's home directory on Windows via USERPROFILE
* Fixed XSS vulnerability
* Fixed the content-type switch bug on IE7 (thanks しばたさん)
* Added configurations for clientAddressAuth/userAgentAuth
== Changes in version 3.2 (2009-01-11) == #v3.2
* Added edit buttons to each of fragments
* Added Child Fragments Sorting
* Added Outline View
* Modified all-in-one package to avoid the winstone cache problem
* Fixed a bug that causes an invalid database version update when restoring a database
== Changes in version 3.1 (2009-01-06) == #v3.1
* Trash Tag
* Fixed a bug where a system error occurs when creating a filter at TagTreePage
* Fixed a bug of relation-ID duplication after restore
== Changes in version 3.0 (2008-12-26) == #v3.0
* File Fragment
* also updated related features such as export and restore
* Wiki: added a new format that enables to embed the content of another fragment
== Changes in version 2.8 (2008-12-12) == #v2.8
* Changed fragment view to hide a content area if it's empty
* Changed sub-fragment view to show its parents
* Added a remove button to each of relations
* Added a remove button to each of the tags on the bottom of a fragment table
* Modified to jump to TagTreePage after deleting a tag
* Changed the tag input method of the fragment form
* Input tags as a comma-separated text
== Changes in version 2.7 (2008-11-23) == #v2.7
* Improved the usability of the filter page
* Added icons (new tag, edit tag, new filter, filter)
* Improved the calendar interface
* Added a css hack for IE
* Fixed bug: fixed-length session problem (when auto-login is enabled)
* Modified to enable a user to change the location of the database files
== Changes in version 2.6 (2008-11-16) == #v2.6
* Tag Tree Explorer: tag manipulation
* Attach tags to the selected tags from the tree
* Create a filter from the selected tags from the tree
* Corrected the Japanese text error
== Changes in version 2.5.1 (2008-11-11) == #v2.5.1
* Bug fix: modified to show the Japanese version of wiki help properly with an all-in-one package
== Changes in version 2.5 (2008-11-09) == #v2.5
* Wiki: enabled to embed youtube videos
* Wiki: table
* Refined wiki help appearance
== Changes in version 2.4 (2008-11-03) == #v2.4
* Tag tree explorer (Menu [Tag/Tag Tree])
* incremental tag tree loading with Ajax
* Refined the tag page
* added a sidebar
* modified the "Classified by" view not to use a tabbed panel
* Added a menu [Help/About Piggydb]
* Changed the textarea related size
* Modified the UI to use cool Silk Icons created by Mark James
== Changes in version 2.3 (2008-10-10) == #v2.3
* Package with a servlet container and launcher
* Modified to show fragment's relations everywhere
== Changes in version 2.2 (2008-09-28) == #v2.2
* Added a sidebar navigation: recently viewed tags
* Modified the login page to redirect to the appropriate page
* redirect to the home.htm when a session exists
* redirect to the given path when relogin after timeout
* Modified to avoid jumping to the top of the page when the fragment form is opened/closed.
== Changes in version 2.1 (2008-09-21) == #v2.1
* Recently Changed Filters
* Modified the UI to show "Recently Changed Tags" by date
* Changed the default selected tab from "Tags" to "Fragments" on the tag page
* Fixed keyword link to be processed by Maximum Match
* Fixed the textarea behavior: to avoid trimming after submit
== Changes in version 2.0 (2008-09-15) == #v2.0
* Fragment Relationship
* Wiki: modified <li> related implementation
* Changed the title icon link to
* Modified the textarea's resize behavior by preventing Click from trimming the content.
* Still annoying in some cases ...
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