Docker image to generate the fastest (minified, gzipped) web site via Hugo
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High performance Hugo docker image

This image does one thing well: generate the fastest web site via Hugo.

It uses Hugo, minify the code then generate brotli and gzip precompressed files.

This enables Caddy to serve the precompressed version directly from disk with zero CPU over HTTPS via its native LetEncrypt support.

Visit to see the current tags.


  • Fast. Generating a simple site takes 1.6 seconds, including syntax highlighting
  • Runs as single step
  • minifies the .js, .css and .html
  • pre-generates .br and .gz files for high performance web serving
  • images are properly tagged, so you know what versions are running


  • Hugo input must be in ./site
  • Generated website is in ./www
docker run --rm -u $(id -u):$(id -g) -v $(pwd):/data marcaruel/hugo-tidy:latest

Note: it is highly recommended to pin to a specific version listed at

Making your own

Override ALPINE_VERSION, BROTLI_VERSION, HUGO_VERSION, to select newer versions.

Override REPO to have it push to your repository.

To push an image on your name with a new version of Hugo, run the following:

make push HUGO_VERSION=0.99.1 REPO=user/repo


When searching for a Docker image with Hugo included, I found many but they were all in poor condition in different ways. Many do not have tags, others use :latest so are not reproducible, many uses containers that are neededlessly large, others forces you on on what it ran run, none minified, the rest was stale. How to fix it? By creating yet-another-image, obviously!