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// Copyright 2015 Marc-Antoine Ruel. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed under the Apache License, Version 2.0
// that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package stack
import (
// Similarity is the level at which two call lines arguments must match to be
// considered similar enough to coalesce them.
type Similarity int
const (
// ExactFlags requires same bits (e.g. Locked).
ExactFlags Similarity = iota
// ExactLines requests the exact same arguments on the call line.
// AnyPointer considers different pointers a similar call line.
// AnyValue accepts any value as similar call line.
// Aggregate merges similar goroutines into buckets.
// The buckets are ordered in library provided order of relevancy. You can
// reorder at your chosing.
func Aggregate(goroutines []*Goroutine, similar Similarity) []*Bucket {
type count struct {
ids []int
first bool
b := map[*Signature]*count{}
// O(n²). Fix eventually.
for _, routine := range goroutines {
found := false
for key, c := range b {
// When a match is found, this effectively drops the other goroutine ID.
if key.similar(&routine.Signature, similar) {
found = true
c.ids = append(c.ids, routine.ID)
c.first = c.first || routine.First
if !key.equal(&routine.Signature) {
// Almost but not quite equal. There's different pointers passed
// around but the same values. Zap out the different values.
newKey := key.merge(&routine.Signature)
b[newKey] = c
delete(b, key)
if !found {
// Create a copy of the Signature, since it will be mutated.
key := &Signature{}
*key = routine.Signature
b[key] = &count{ids: []int{routine.ID}, first: routine.First}
out := make(buckets, 0, len(b))
for signature, c := range b {
out = append(out, &Bucket{Signature: *signature, IDs: c.ids, First: c.first})
return out
// Bucket is a stack trace signature and the list of goroutines that fits this
// signature.
type Bucket struct {
// IDs is the ID of each Goroutine with this Signature.
IDs []int
// First is true if this Bucket contains the first goroutine, e.g. the one
// Signature that likely generated the panic() call, if any.
First bool
// less does reverse sort.
func (b *Bucket) less(r *Bucket) bool {
if b.First || r.First {
return b.First
return b.Signature.less(&r.Signature)
// buckets is a list of Bucket sorted by repeation count.
type buckets []*Bucket
func (b buckets) Len() int {
return len(b)
func (b buckets) Less(i, j int) bool {
return b[i].less(b[j])
func (b buckets) Swap(i, j int) {
b[j], b[i] = b[i], b[j]
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