RGB Firefly Jar with Capacitive Touch (WS2812, ATtiny85, Arduino, etc)
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Programmable Touch Firefly Jar


Programmable touch firefly lamp. For use with ATtiny85 (or Arduino) based boards and Neopixel (WS2811/12/12B) RGB LEDs.

Want to make one? Full details over at Instructables.

You can order PCBs via OSHPark.


  • Download Adafruit's NeoPixel library and the Capacitive Sense library
  • Get the ATtiny cores for Arduino & a programmer
  • Attach your LED data line to Digital Pin 4
  • Attach lid/touch sensor to Digital Pins 0 & 1
  • Enjoy your technicolor LED light show



  • Need help getting started with ATtiny and lights? I wrote an Instructable on that too.
  • If you're seeing 'R_AVR_13_PCREL' errors when you try to compile, try this thread for solutions. This is a known problem with Arduino IDE 1.0.x, ATtiny and sketches > 4k.
  • Some NeoPixels are wired RGB, others GRB, or BRG. If colours are odd try changing this in the strip initialization!
  • Funny error messages from your ISP programmer? See Adafruit's troubleshooting page.
  • If you're running your jar on batteries and experiencing trouble with the capacitive sensor, read about grounding and other issues. This forum post may be of interest. A higher value resistor (try >= 10M Ohm) will sometimes help too!


Much thanks to Adafruit for their NeoPixel Library, wonderful tutorials and all the work they do for open source, hardware hacking communities. Support them!

Funkboxing for inspiring and cool LED effects and helper functions.

Instructables for featuring my project and a lovely community.

The long tradition of jar and firefly lamps in crafting and electronics.