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BotBot 🤖

BotBot is an open-source Slackbot for Marvel - a design collaboration platform that brings ideas to life.

Go to BotBot and install

BotBot allows you and your team to create, view and manage Marvel projects directly inside of Slack.

Why it's so amazing

  • Anyone in your team can quickly pull up a list of Marvel projects without leaving Slack by typing /projects
  • Create a project in seconds by typing /create-project
  • Add people to projects by typing /add-people
  • Or just grab the code and roll your own bot

Built using the Marvel GraphQL API - get started here.

Questions? Hit us up on Twitter

🎒 Before building (dependencies)

  • Install Xcode
  • Install Vapor Toolbox
  • Run vapor xcode -y, this will create & open the Xcode project
  • Run brew install mysql followed by mysql_secure_installation to set up a database
  • Create a MySQL database called marvel, e.g. using the mysql CLI: CREATE DATABASE marvel;
  • Change the Config/mysql.json credentials

🚧 Building

💟 Heroku:

  • Add a ClearDB MySQL Database in Heroku
  • Add the Config Variables that are found in the Procfile
  • Deploy using git push heroku master

📖 Documentation

Visit the Vapor web framework's documentation for instructions on how to use this package.