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Options (Deprecated)

Options is deprecated as of January 26, 2020. This library will continue to work, but will not receive support or updates. Consider using the Jetpack Preference library from Google instead. Read more.

Options is a library for building setting pages on Android as an alternative to the PreferenceFragment and PreferenceFragmentCompat classes provided by Google. Unlike PreferenceFragment, Options allows additional setting types to be easily declared using a straightforward interface that includes the ability to easily store your preferences outside of SharedPreferences. Options also has a straightforward way of programmatically creating settings pages. There are also Kotlin extensions which make this even easier.

Getting Started

Like PreferenceFragment, OptionFragment is the base class that's used to show preference screens. To show your first option page, create a class that extends from OptionFragment as shown below:

public class SettingsFragment extends OptionFragment {

    public List<Option> createOptionList() {
        SharedPreferences prefs = PreferenceManager.getDefaultSharedPreferences(getContext());
        return Arrays.asList(
            // Specify your preferences here
            // For example:
            new OptionHeader(getString(R.string.user_favorites_header)),
            new SharedPreferencesStringDropdownOption.Builder()
                                    new MultiSelectOption.Selection<>(getString(R.string.color_name_red), "red"),
                                    new MultiSelectOption.Selection<>(getString(R.string.color_name_orange), "orange"),
                                    new MultiSelectOption.Selection<>(getString(R.string.color_name_yellow), "yellow"),
                                    new MultiSelectOption.Selection<>(getString(R.string.color_name_green), "green"),
                                    new MultiSelectOption.Selection<>(getString(R.string.color_name_blue), "blue"),
                                    new MultiSelectOption.Selection<>(getString(R.string.color_name_purple), "purple")


Once attached to an Activity, the above example will create a settings fragment with a header and a dropdown preference that asks for a user's favorite color. See the sample activity for an example of all available Options.


The above Java example can be written like this in Kotlin:

class SettingsFragment : OptionFragment() {
    override fun createOptionList(): List<Option> {
        val sharedPreferences = PreferenceManager.getDefaultSharedPreferences(getContext())
        return optionsOf(sharedPreferences) {
            stringDropdownOption(key = "favorite-color") {
                    title = getString(R.string.favorite_color_question)
                    defaultValue = "blue"
                    values = selectionsOf(
                            getString(R.string.color_name_red) to "red",
                            getString(R.string.color_name_orange) to "orange",
                            getString(R.string.color_name_yellow) to "yellow",
                            getString(R.string.color_name_green) to "green",
                            getString(R.string.color_name_blue) to "blue",
                            getString(R.string.color_name_purple) to "purple"

Note that optionsOf(...) works best when used with SharedPreferences settings. To add custom Options, use the + operator as shown below:

optionsOf(sharedPreferences) {
    + MySuperCoolOption(...)

See the Kotlin sample activity for an example of all available Options.


Options is licensed under an Apache License, Version 2.0.