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(ns hackbrett.core
(:use compojure.core
[ring.util.response :only [redirect]]
[ :only [error]]
[hiccup.core :only [html]]
[ :only [doctype]]
(:require :reload
[compojure.route :as route]
[compojure.handler :as handler]
[hackbrett.sound :as sound]
[hackbrett.mongo :as db]
[hackbrett.mapping :as mapping]
[cheshire.core :as cheshire]))
(def json cheshire/generate-string)
(defn toi [x]
(Integer/parseInt x))
(defn format-as-list [elems]
(->> elems
(partition 2)
(map (fn [[desc text]]
[:li desc [:br] [:code text] ])))])
(defroutes main-routes
(GET "/" [] (redirect "/help"))
(GET ["/midi-key/:midi-key" :midi-key #"[0-9]{2,3}"]
(json (mapping/get-binding (toi midi-key))))
(POST ["/midi-key/:midi-key" :midi-key #"[0-9]{2,3}"]
(sound/play-note (toi midi-key))
(GET "/midi-key" []
(json (mapping/get-bindings)))
(POST ["/midi-key/:midi-key/sample/:sample-name"
:midi-key #"[0-9]{2,3}"
:sample-name #"[^/]+"]
[midi-key sample-name]
(mapping/bind-sample (toi midi-key) sample-name)
(GET "/pad" []
(json (mapping/get-scenes)))
(GET ["/pad/scene/:scene"
:scene #"[1-4]"]
(json (mapping/get-scene (toi scene))))
(GET ["/pad/scene/:scene/button/:button"
:scene #"[1-4]"
:button #"[0-9]+"]
[scene button]
(json (mapping/get-button (toi scene) (toi button))))
(POST ["/pad/scene/:scene/button/:button"
:scene #"[0-9]+"
:button #"[0-9]+"]
[scene button]
(let [midi-key (:midi-key (mapping/get-button
(toi scene)
(toi button)))]
(sound/play-note midi-key)
(POST ["/pad/scene/:scene/button/:button/sample/:sample-name"
:scene #"[0-9]+"
:button #"[0-9]+"
:sample-name #"[^/]+"]
[scene button sample-name]
(let [midi-key (:midi-key (mapping/get-button
(toi scene)
(toi button)))]
(mapping/bind-sample midi-key sample-name)
(GET "/sample" []
(json (mapping/get-samples)))
;; TODO generate from routes
(GET "/help" []
:content-type "text/html; charset=utf-8"
(doctype :html5)
[:a {:href ""}
[:img {:alt "Fork me on GitHub"
:id "ribbon"
:src ""
:style "position: fixed; top: 0; right: 0; z-index: 2;"}]]
[:h1 "Welcome to Hackbrett"]
[:h3 "Samples"]
["list all samples" "curl 'http://%hostname%/sample'"
"upload a new sample (only wav is supported)" "curl -T baby.wav 'http://%hostname%/sample/baby.wav'"
"upload a new sample and play it immediately" "curl -T baby.wav 'http://%hostname%/sample/baby.wav?play=true'"
"play an existing sample" "curl -X POST 'http://%hostname%/sample/baby.wav'"])
[:h3 "Nano Pad"]
["show nano-pad and bound samples" "curl 'http://%hostname%/pad'"
"details for scene" "curl 'http://%hostname%/pad/scene/1'"
"details for button" "curl 'http://%hostname%/pad/scene/1/button/1'"
"bind a sample to a button on nano pad" "curl -X POST 'http://%hostname%/pad/scene/1/button/1/sample/baby.wav'"
"play a sample by binding on nano-pad" "curl -X POST 'http://%hostname%/pad/scene/1/button/1'"
[:h3 "Notes"]
["only wav is supported, but if you have mplayer, conversion is easy (also useful if you have a broken wav)"
"mplayer infile.mp3 -vc 'null' -vo 'null' -ao 'pcm:file=outfile.wav'"
"if you don't have mplayer, just use" ""])])
(str (.getHostName ( ":3000") ;; TODO get portname from environment
; TODO check if this is a wav file, error or conversion ( or mplayer)
(PUT ["/sample/:filename" :filename #"[^/]+"] ;; TODO GET on same url..
{{filename :filename play :play} :params
body :body
:as request}
(let [real-filename (mapping/add-file body filename)
;; TODO free-sample if the sample replaced another of the same name
_ (sound/load-sample real-filename)]
(if play
(sound/play-file real-filename))
"OK")) ;; TODO stupid, use locator for sample info instead
(POST ["/sample/:filename" :filename #"[^/]+"]
(let [real-filename (mapping/get-real-filename filename)]
(sound/play-file real-filename)
(route/resources "/") ;; TODO
(route/not-found "404 - Oh noes, there's nothing here!") ;; TODO something cooler
(def app
(-> main-routes
(defn init []
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