Generate sheet music in MuseScore from Twitch chat, like TwitchPlaysPokemon
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Twitch Plays Music

(inspired by TwitchPlaysPokemon and made with TwitchPlaysX)

Sends live Twitch chat into a Python script, generating on-the-fly sheet music with MuseScore.

This uses the IRC from a Twitch channel, processes it with music21, and outputs with MuseScore.

Tested on Mac, and should also work on Linux machines. Probably works on Windows machines.

Installation (node, etc)

git clone
cd TwitchPlaysX
npm install


Create config.json

Create a config.json file in the root directory of this project. To get your Oauth token, go to

The config options are used in the config.js file.

// example config.json
// you can also set the environment variables in node (for heroku)

    "CONFIG_SEND_KEY": true,
    "CONFIG_REGEXCOMMANDS": "^[A-G][b#-]?[1-7]?$"

Running It!

# go to the root folder, make sure you did `npm install`, then
npm start


Feel free to give suggestions or report bugs