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command-line journal for intentional friendship
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Install Node (if you haven't before)

npm install -g friendlog


Add tab-completion and the shortcut flh for fl hangout!

fl shortcuts >> ~/.bash_profile && source ~/.bash_profile

Basic Usage

$ fl help

You can use friendlog or fl.

Add friends and an ideal interval (in days) you'd like to see them:

$ friendlog add Alice 5  # your best friend
$ fl add "Bob Doe" 15    # not quite so close
$ fl add Kunal 10

Log a hangout:

$ fl hangout Alice 2018-01-01 "Got coffee"
$ flh Kunal 2018-03-19 "Created friendlog"

See who you should hang out with next and when:

$ fl list
2018-01-06  Alice
2018-03-29  Kunal
new         Bob Doe     # no hangouts logged yet

See history of hangouts:

$ fl history
NAME    DATE        MEMO
Alice   2018-01-06  Got coffee
Kunal   2018-03-29  Created friendlog

See info about friend:

$ fl info Kunal
{ name: 'Kunal', interval: 10 }


Where is my data stored?

All data is stored on your own computer.

What qualifies as a "hangout"?

You can use any criteria you like. I recommend focusing on interaction with intent. You saw and respected the person as another person on Earth and grew together in some small way.

Can you add yourself?

I (Kunal) have started to do this, logging when I do something alone and self-fulfilling (a long run, time with a good book, a fancy meal for one...) This reminds me to "hangout" with myself, too.

I didn't understand this page but I want to try it out!

Email me at


Linting is enforced with pre-commit and pre-push hooks. npm run lint-fix will help!

Publish easily: npm version [major|minor|patch] will bump version numbers; npm publish will publish package.

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