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Rtags client for Neovim.

The client is a clone of vim-rtags, it's 100% written in Python3 and uses Python client for Neovim.



Add following line to your ~/.config/nvim/init.vim file:

call dein#add('marxin/neo-rtags')

and then run in neovim:

:call dein#install()


Mapping Function name rc command flags Description
<Leader>ri NeoRtagsSymbolInfo -U Symbol information
<Leader>rc NeoRtagsFindSubclasses --class-hierarchy Find subclasses
<Leader>rC NeoRtagsFindSuperclasses --class-hierarchy Find superclasses
<Leader>rd NeoRtagsDiagnose --diagnose --synchronous-diagnostics Show diagnostics results in a quickfix window
<Leader>rj NeoRtagsFollowLocation -f Follow location
<Leader>rl NeoRtagsListProjects -w List projects and select a project
<Leader>rf NeoRtagsFindReferences -r -e Find all references
<Leader>rn NeoRtagsFindReferencesByName -a -R -e Find all references by a name
<Leader>rv NeoRtagsFindVirtuals -r -k Find virtuals
<Leader>rp NeoRtagsJumpToParent -U --symbol-info-include-parents Jump to parent
<Leader>rw NeoRtagsRenameSymbol -r -e --rename Rename symbol under cursor

Code Completion

The plugin registers NeoRtagsCompleteFunction as completefunc (i.e. CTRL-X CTRL-U). If the function is already set, neo-rtags code completion is not set.


The plugin is work in progress. I welcome any requests for new functionality, configuration and also for seen issue. Please file an issue or write me an email.