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Mix behaviours into objects
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Mix behaviours into objects.

What is Andro.js?

Andro.js takes mixins and applies them, each in its own namespace, to an object, and lets them talk to one another via an event emitter.

Come again?

Imagine a cube. It can be touched. You want it to make a sound when it goes from not being touched to being touched. You write a little behaviour that emits an event when a first touch occurs. You write another little behaviour that plays a sound when it receives a first touch event. You combine these behaviours on your cube with Andro.js.

Get the code

Get started

Download the repository. Require the andro.js file in your code. Open index.html in your browser to see the documentation and an example.

Run the tests

Install Node.js and npm.

Install the node dependencies

$ cd path/to/androjs
$ npm install

Run the tests

$ cd path/to/androjs
$ npm test


Andro.js is open source, under the MIT licence.

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