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(ns scrawl
(:require [clojure.contrib.http.agent :as http])
(:require [ :as duck-streams])
(:require [ :as java-utils])
(:require [clojure.contrib.str-utils :as str-utils]))
(def urls-crawled-filename "urls-crawled.txt")
(def urls-to-crawl-filename "urls-to-crawl.txt")
(def urls-saved-filename "urls-saved.txt")
(def batch-size 50)
; note that the Java method fails sometimes, in which case it returns the while URL and so we return ""
(defn get-host [url]
(if (re-matches #"^http.*" url)
(. (new url) getHost)
; fires an agent off to grab html at url
(defn request-url [url]
(http/http-agent url :handler #(duck-streams/slurp* (http/stream %))))
; returns true if url is crawlable
(defn crawlable? [url]
(re-matches #"(?i).*?\.css$" url) false
(re-matches #"(?i).*?\.js$" url) false
(re-matches #"(?i).*?\.gif$" url) false
(re-matches #"(?i).*?\.jpg$" url) false
(re-matches #"(?i).*?\.jpeg$" url) false
(re-matches #"(?i).*?\.png$" url) false
(re-matches #"(?i).*?\.mp3$" url) false
(re-matches #"(?i).*?\.cgi$" url) false
(re-matches #"(?i).*?\.exe$" url) false
(re-matches #"(?i).*?\.gz$" url) false
(re-matches #"(?i).*?\.swf$" url) false
(re-matches #"(?i).*?\.dmg$" url) false
(re-matches #"(?i).*?\.dtd$" url) false
(re-matches #".*?\.\);$" url) false
#(true) true))
; returns true if the url's host is unfamiliar or it scores higher than min-host-score
(defn good-host? [url host-scores]
(def min-host-score -3)
(def host (get-host url))
(not (contains? host-scores host)) true
(> (get host-scores host) min-host-score) true
#(true) false))
; returns true if this url should be crawled
(defn crawl? [url host-scores]
(and (crawlable? url) (good-host? url host-scores)))
; returns the url if it's an mp3
(defn mp3? [url]
(re-matches #"http://.+?\.mp3$" url))
; adds strings in seq to filename, one per line
(defn seq-to-file [seq filename remove-old]
(if (= true remove-old)
(java-utils/delete-file filename true)) ; delete file first, if requested
(if-not (empty? seq)
(duck-streams/append-spit filename (println-str (str-utils/str-join "\n" seq)))))
; returns list of lines in file. If file doesn't exist, returns empty list.
(defn read-seq-from-file [filename]
(if (.exists ( filename))
(duck-streams/read-lines filename)
(list ()) ))
; updates host-scores by adding a new score to the existing one
(defn update-host-scores [url score host-scores]
(def host (get-host url))
(if (get host-scores host)
(assoc host-scores host (+ score (get host-scores host)))
(assoc host-scores host score)))
; recurive method that creates hash of host => count * score
(defn gen-host-scores [urls score host-scores]
(def url (first urls))
(if-not (empty? url)
(gen-host-scores (rest urls) score (update-host-scores url score host-scores))
; removes items in already-got from seq and filters results based on f
(defn remove-dupes-and-unwanted [f seq already-got]
(def unique-seq (remove #(.contains already-got %) seq))
(filter f unique-seq))
(defn save-data [next-url latest-urls-to-save next-urls-to-crawl]
(seq-to-file (list next-url) urls-crawled-filename false) ; output mp3 urls from url just crawled
(seq-to-file latest-urls-to-save urls-saved-filename false) ; output mp3 urls from url just crawled
(seq-to-file next-urls-to-crawl urls-to-crawl-filename true))
; crawls a small batch of urls in parallel and returns agents that will yield the html results
(defn crawl-batch-of-urls [urls-to-crawl]
(def url-crawl-agents (map #(request-url %) urls-to-crawl))
(apply await-for 10000 url-crawl-agents) ; wait for the bastard agents to finish their crawling
; gets html result from agent and parses all urls from it
(defn get-unique-linked-urls [url-crawl-agent]
(def html (http/result url-crawl-agent ))
(re-seq #"http://[^;\"' \t\n\r]+" html))
; returns true if nil or error code response from url
(defn failed-agent [url-crawl-agnt]
(not (http/status url-crawl-agnt)) true
(http/error? url-crawl-agnt) true
#(true) false))
; If no more un-processed url-crawl-agents,
; Make 50 more, one for each of the next 50 urls-to-crawl.
; Recall scrawl with new agents.
; else
; Get next url agent.
; If failed
; Drop failed agent and recall scrawl.
; else
; Save url crawled to urls-crawled, get urls in html at crawled url, remove dupes and urls to not crawl.
; Add remainder to urls-to-crawl and puts mp3s into latest-urls-saved.
; Write latest mp3 urls and urls-crawled to file.
; Recall scrawl.
; And so it goes, and so it goes.
(defn scrawl [url-crawl-agents urls-crawled urls-to-crawl host-scores]
(if (empty? url-crawl-agents)
; empty, so crawl a new batch of urls and recall scrawl
(let [batch-to-crawl (take batch-size urls-to-crawl)]
(def next-url-crawl-agents (crawl-batch-of-urls batch-to-crawl))
(def next-urls-to-crawl (drop batch-size urls-to-crawl))
(scrawl next-url-crawl-agents urls-crawled next-urls-to-crawl host-scores))
; not empty, so get next agent and extract data from it
(let [next-url-crawl-agent (first url-crawl-agents)]
(if (failed-agent next-url-crawl-agent)
; agent failed - move to next
(scrawl (rest url-crawl-agents) urls-crawled urls-to-crawl host-scores)
; agent succeeded
(let [next-url (http/request-uri next-url-crawl-agent)]
(def next-url (http/request-uri next-url-crawl-agent)) ; get url that was crawled
(def all-linked-urls (seq (into #{} (get-unique-linked-urls next-url-crawl-agent))))
(println (get host-scores (get-host next-url)) " " next-url)
(def next-urls-crawled (cons next-url urls-crawled))
(def latest-urls-to-save (remove-dupes-and-unwanted #(mp3? %) all-linked-urls ()))
(def next-host-scores (update-host-scores next-url (count latest-urls-to-save) host-scores))
(def latest-urls-to-crawl (remove-dupes-and-unwanted #(crawl? % host-scores) all-linked-urls urls-crawled))
(def next-urls-to-crawl (concat urls-to-crawl latest-urls-to-crawl))
(save-data next-url latest-urls-to-save next-urls-to-crawl) ; save key seqs to disk
(scrawl (rest url-crawl-agents) next-urls-crawled next-urls-to-crawl next-host-scores))))))
; if haven't got a url to start with, write to urls-to-crawl file
(if (not (.exists ( urls-to-crawl-filename)))
(seq-to-file (list "") urls-to-crawl-filename true))
; read in previously crawled, saved and to-crawl url lists
(def urls-crawled (read-seq-from-file urls-crawled-filename))
(def urls-to-crawl (read-seq-from-file urls-to-crawl-filename))
; generate hash of scores for each host crawled (+1 for each mp3, -1 for crawl)
(def crawled-host-scores (gen-host-scores urls-crawled -1 (hash-map)))
(def host-scores (gen-host-scores (read-seq-from-file urls-saved-filename) 1 crawled-host-scores))
(scrawl () urls-crawled urls-to-crawl host-scores) ; begin
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