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Newsy App

This is a RESTful Go API that returns top news articles from several tech news sources.

It supports three endpoints currently:

  1. -- Calls news source APIs and saves articles in MongoDB database, returns a count of number of articles added to DB
  2. -- Gets all top news stories saved in the MongoDB database and return articles as JSON in decending date order
  3. -- Removes entries from DB 30+ days old, returns a count of number of articles deleted

See it in action:

In the future, I would add a job or recurring task to regularly crawl for new articles and clean up DB (currently only works on-demand), and add pagination / only return a specified number of articles.


  • limit number of responses for get news endpoint
  • add caching, and/or some way of checking when APIs were last crawled (add to the JSON?)
  • add a job that crawls the APIs on a recurring schedule (2x per day?) and removes old entries from DB
  • better error handling and logging
  • add tests

Questions for Consideration:

  • do we want an even mix of the news sources, maybe the latest 10 for each? if yes, return the appropriate json
  • how often to crawl for new news and remove old news?


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