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@psibre psibre released this Aug 21, 2014 · 1629 commits to master since this release

This is a feature release, adding new features while maintaining compatibility with existing 4.x voices.

This release marks the final results of work on MARY TTS in the ​SEMAINE project, where our main focus for TTS has been on building expressive British English voices with listener vocalization capabilities.

New features for synthesis of expressive vocalizations

  • Improved support for expressive vocalizations in the British English unit selection voices dfki-poppy, dfki-prudence, dfki-spike and dfki-obadiah.
    Signal modification is now used to combine intonation contours and segmental forms, as described in ​Pammi et al. (2010).
  • Added vocalization support to the HMM-based versions of these voices:
    dfki-poppy-hsmm, dfki-prudence-hsmm, dfki-spike-hsmm and dfki-obadiah-hsmm.

For details on the new MaryXML <vocalization> tag and usage examples, see VocalizationSynthesis.

New voice

  • For German, we created bits1-hsmm, a female HMM-based voice built from recordings provided by ​BITS.


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