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@psibre psibre released this Jan 23, 2015 · 764 commits to master since this release

Another milestone release with several improvements and fixes.

New Features


  • For French, numbers in the input text were silently ignored; this has been improved using a spellout formatter from ICU4J. This fix can (and will soon) also be applied to other languages that are missing a text Preprocess module.
  • A new rule-based Syllabifier method has been implemented.
  • All releases are now hosted on GitHub again; references to the Downloads on Bitbucket have been updated accordingly.

Development news

  • Targets are cached so these do not get recreated, and can be re-used later.
  • Words are now added to wordlist in batches for new language components.
  • A toString() helper method was added to MaryData class to help with debugging.

Fixed Issues/Bugs

  • #268: getAllophone() no longer silently returns null on invalid input.
  • #267: REALISED_DURATIONS and REALISED_ACOUSTPARAMS are no longer (mistakenly) available as input types.
  • #266: Syllabification no longer ignores any provided stress diacritics.
  • #258: Byte overflow in TargetFeatureComputer -- issue with limit of array.
  • #218: a voice would not be built correctly following the groupId change in v.5.1.1.
  • #154: trailing whitespace in config files could prevent correct parsing.
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