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Web app for breaking down and annotating Python 3 source code.
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Codesplain UI CircleCI

UI layer for Codesplain, an application to have your code explain itself to you.


Integrated IDE

Codesplain utilizes Codemirror to provide an IDE experience to the user. Paste in a code snippet, or write one right in the browser!

Filtering by Concept

Codesplain analyzes your code and presents you with a list of language concepts present in it. Pick out which concepts are important to you, and they will be highlighted in the IDE.

Annotations in the Margins

Once your code is written, you can add an annotation to a line by clicking its number. Say anything you want about it. Markdown is even supported.

Save and Share

Once you are all done, save your code to a persistant URL, and we'll hold on to it for you or anyone you want to show it to.

Serverless Application

This application is built as a React SPA and uses AJAX for data requests to a REST API. As a result, the application can be deployed serverless. For a better idea of what that looks like, see

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