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React front-end for the Skill Directory API
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Skilldirectory UI

Skilldirectory UI is a React frontend for the Skilldirectory REST API. It allows users to add and view skills, team members, links, and reviews - as well as register skills under team members.

Skilldirectory UI Demo GIF

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App, and uses the React Bootstrap theme.

You can find info on how to perform common tasks with a Create React App project here.

To Run Locally

git clone
cd skilldirectoryui
npm install
npm start

This will cause the project to start, and will open a new tab in your default browser. Note that you'll also want to have the backend running on http://localhost:8080. If you are having trouble getting the frontend (this project) to display data from the backend, the first thing you should check is that you actually have data in the backend, and didn't clean it out (e.g. by using the --dropdata file for ./

Note that this project only contains the frontend. It is not very functional unless the Skilldirectory REST API is also running and available (and the associated Cassandra backend) on localhost:8080.

Running Tests

Unit tests for the project are written with Jest and Enzyme. The tests currently come in two varieties: snapshots and event simulations. To run the tests:

npm test
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