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A Visual Studio post-build command-line deployment tool.



Basic Usage

  1. Download Info-ZIP's command-line zip.exe:

  2. Place vsdeploy.exe and zip.exe in your Windows directory (or anywhere on the system PATH)

  3. Add an environment variable called VSDEPLOY_OUTPUT, and set it to the full path of where you'd like to place completed zips (omit the trailing slash)

  4. For any project you'd like to auto-deploy, open it's build events (Project > [Project Name] Properties > Build Events) and add the following to the post-build event command line:

    vsdeploy -bin "$(TargetDir)" -zip "$(VSDEPLOY_OUTPUT)" -target $(TargetFileName)

  5. Optional: set "Run the post-build event" to "When the build updates the project output"

  6. Build your project.

Full Usage

vsdeploy [args]  

Required Arguments:
-bin <path> : the output directory of the visual studio project
-zip <path> : the directory in which to store output zip files
-target <filename> : the filename of your project's main DLL or EXE file

Optional Arguments:
-name <name> : name used to generate the zip file's name.
-exclude <mask> : filename mask of files to exclude. This argument (and it's parameter) may be supplied more than once.
-include <mask> : filename mask of files to include. This argument (and it's parameter) may be supplied more than once.