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jStage - a Javascript game engine

So, er, jStage is a javascript game engine I've been working on. The game world entities are called Actors, so I figured the engine could be called a Stage. With a j. You know, because javascript.

Getting started

You'll probably work it out relatively quickly by just reading the source code of my Battleships game and it's associated jStage game source.
Failing that, though, here's what the startup block looks like from the Battleships demo's <head>:

	<script src="../scripts/jStage/Engine/jStageBase.js"></script>
	<script> λ({path: "../../battleships/Battleships.js", pathOffset: "../scripts/"}); </script>

As long as you have <canvas id="jStageCanvas"> somewhere on your page, the javascript will do the rest.


Current to-do:

  • Collision simulation
  • some form of particle effects generator (al a UDK's Emitters)
  • some form of lighting? no idea how that would work...


  • Sounds
  • Styling for UI components
  • Namespaces
  • Float32Array Vectors (based partly on glMatrix vector format)
  • Node-based entites (Actors), w/ local and world transforms
  • Sprite animations
  • Dynamically loading script dependencies
  • Mouse/Keyboard input handling
  • Basic physics (velocity, acceleration, impulse, gravity)
  • Game state handling
  • Garbage collection
  • Debug rendering
  • Polygon modelling w/ vertex collision detection
  • Framerate limiting
  • Resource preloading w/ status reporting
  • Backbuffering/canvas scaling