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Desktop notifications for long-running commands in ZSH.

Supported terminals

  • On macOS: or iTerm2;
  • On Linux (and possibly other systems): any terminal application should be supported as xdotool and wmctrl are used to query and modify windows state.

Setup and usage



Install (default*)

When using tmux on Yosemite:

reattach-to-user-namespace is required to prevent terminal-notifier from hanging (see julienXX/terminal-notifier#115 for details).


Install notify-send (default*) -- available in libnotify

* usage of custom notifiers is described in Configuration


Just clone this repository and source notify.plugin.zsh in your ~/.zshrc, or see below for instructions on installing with some popular package managers.


The behavior of zsh-notify can be modified by using zstyle after sourcing notify.plugin.zsh.

  • Set a custom title for error and success notifications, when using the built-in notifier.

      zstyle ':notify:*' error-title "Command failed"
      zstyle ':notify:*' success-title "Command finished"

    The string #{time_elapsed} will be replaced with the command run time.

      zstyle ':notify:*' error-title "Command failed (in #{time_elapsed} seconds)"
      zstyle ':notify:*' success-title "Command finished (in #{time_elapsed} seconds)"
  • Change the notifications icons for failure or success. Provide the path to an image, or an URL if you are on macOS.

      zstyle ':notify:*' error-icon "/path/to/error-icon.png"
      zstyle ':notify:*' success-icon "/path/to/success-icon.png"

    Try this. Wow.

  • Play sounds with error and success notifications when using the built-in notifier. Provide the path to an audio file, or the name of an "alert" sound if you are on macOS.

      zstyle ':notify:*' error-sound "Glass"
      zstyle ':notify:*' success-sound "default"
  • Have the terminal come back to front when the notification is posted.

      zstyle ':notify:*' activate-terminal yes
  • Disable setting the urgency hint for the terminal when the notification is posted (Linux only).

      zstyle ':notify:*' disable-urgent yes
  • Set a different timeout for notifications for successful commands (notifications for failed commands are always posted).

      zstyle ':notify:*' command-complete-timeout 15

    The default value is 30 seconds.

  • Set application name in notification if set. If this value is not set it will strip the name from message. (only notify-send).

      zstyle ':notify:*' app-name sh

    The default value is ''.

  • Set a expire time in notifications (only notify-send).

      zstyle ':notify:*' expire-time 2500

    The default value is undefined milliseconds (disabled).

  • Replace the built-in notifier with a custom one at ~/bin/my-notifier. The custom notifier will receive the notification type (error or success) as the first argument, the time elapsed as the second argument, and the command line as standard input.

      zstyle ':notify:*' notifier ~/bin/my-notifier
  • Use the time elapsed even when the command fails (by default, notifications for command failures are not conditional on the elapsed time).

      zstyle ':notify:*' always-notify-on-failure no
  • Set a blacklist of commands that should never trigger notifications, using a regex support by grep's extended regular expression syntax:

      zstyle ':notify:*' blacklist-regex 'find|git'
  • Enable when connected over SSH, which is disabled by default.

      zstyle ':notify:*' enable-on-ssh yes
  • Disable error reporting (or send it somewhere else)

      zstyle ':notify:*' error-log /dev/null
  • Force checking of the WINDOWID variable on every command:

      zstyle ':notify:*' always-check-active-window yes
  • Ignore checking if the terminal is focused at all:

      zstyle ':notify:*' check-focus no

Installation with package managers


Add antigen bundle marzocchi/zsh-notify to your .zshrc with your other bundle commands.

Antigen will handle cloning the plugin for you automatically the next time you start zsh. You can also add the plugin to a running zsh with antigen bundle marzocchi/zsh-notify for testing before adding it to your .zshrc.


Fig adds apps, shortcuts, and autocomplete to your existing terminal.

Install zsh-notify in just one click.


  1. git clone ${ZSH_CUSTOM:-~/.oh-my-zsh/custom}/plugins/notify
  2. Add zsh-notify to your plugin list - edit ~/.zshrc and change plugins=(...) to plugins=(... notify)

Note: when cloning, specify the target directory as notify since Oh-My-Zsh expects the plugin's initialization file to have the same name as it's directory.


Add zgen load marzocchi/zsh-notify to your .zshrc file in the same function you're doing your other zgen load calls in.