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A plugin for the Z shell that posts desktop notifications when a command terminates with a non-zero exit status or when it took more than 30 seconds to complete, if the terminal application is in the background (or the terminal tab is inactive).

Supported terminals and requirements

  • On Mac OS X: or iTerm2;
  • On Linux (and possibly other systems): any terminal application should be supported as xdotool and wmctrl are used to query and modify windows state.

When using the default notifier notifications are posted using on Mac OS X and notify-send on other systems.

When using Tmux on Yosemite, reattach-to-user-namespace is required to prevent terminal-notifier to hang (see julienXX/terminal-notifier#115 for details).


Just source notify.plugin.zsh.


Use zstyle in your ~/.zshrc.

  • Replace the built-in notifier with a custom one at ~/bin/my-notifier. The custom notifier will receive the notification type (error or success) as the first argument, and the notification text (the command) as standard input.

      zstyle ':notify:*' notifier ~/bin/my-notifier
  • Set a custom title for error and success notifications, when using the built-in notifier.

      zstyle ':notify:*' error-title
      zstyle ':notify:*' success-title
  • Change the notifications icons for failure or success. Any image path or URL (Mac OS only) should work.

      zstyle ':notify:*' error-icon "/path/to/error-icon.png"
      zstyle ':notify:*' success-icon "/path/to/success-icon.png"

    Try this. Wow.

  • Set a sound for error and success notifications, when usign the built-in notifier. On Linux you should specify path to audio file.

      zstyle ':notify:*' error-sound "Glass"
      zstyle ':notify:*' success-sound "default"
  • Have the terminal come back to front when the notification is posted.

      zstyle ':notify:*' activate-terminal yes
  • Disable setting the urgency hint for the terminal when the notification is posted (Linux only).

      zstyle ':notify:*' disable-urgent yes
  • Set a different timeout for notifications for successful commands (notifications for failed commands are posted without accounting for the time it took to complete).

      zstyle ':notify:*' command-complete-timeout 15
  • Disable error reporting (or send it somewhere else)

      zstyle ':notify:*' error-log /dev/null



Add antigen bundle marzocchi/zsh-notify to your .zshrc with your other bundle commands.

Antigen will handle cloning the plugin for you automatically the next time you start zsh. You can also add the plugin to a running zsh with antigen bundle marzocchi/zsh-notify for testing before adding it to your .zshrc.


  1. git clone ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/plugins/notify
  2. Add zsh-notify to your plugin list - edit ~./zshrc and change plugins=(...) to plugins=(... notify)

Note: when cloning, specify the target directory as notify since Oh-My-Zsh expects the plugin's initialization file to have the same name as it's directory.


Add zgen load marzocchi/zsh-notify to your .zshrc file in the same function you're doing your other zgen load calls in.