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A lightweight framework for economic experiments.
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Coral is a lightweight framework that aims to facilitate the design of economic experiments while being as flexible as possible. We currently still building up the webpage, but if you have a question feel free to contact me (Markus Schaffner) at coral(at)

NEWS, 17/03/2015 Moved from Google Code

The project has been moved from google code to github.

NEWS, 10/03/2014 Available on the App Store

The iPad app for CORAL is finally available on the App Store. Use the link below to download it.

NEWS, 10/03/2014 Online Mode

The latest version of CORAL is able to run online.

Easy to write and deploy

Follow the simple step by step guide under Getting Started, or watch the
screencast (coming soon) to run your first experiment in minutes. Use the examples to easily build your
custom experiments, find anything you need on the web for fancy extentsions.

Open and extendable

CORAL is built around open standards, the core is written in Java which is virtually able to run everywhere. Screens are displayed with the native HTML renderer of the operating system and the logic uses simple JavaScript. So you build on the knowledge of the web to program your experiments!

Write once, run everywhere

Experiments writen in CORAL can be easily extended, manipulated and run everywhere you like. It has been tested on Linux, Windows and OSX and even features a native iOS client, the sky is the limit here...

Easy and quick to develop and test

Everything can be edited with a standard text editor. A plugin is availble for the Eclipse IDE to even further speed up development. Need to test for 32+ participants, no worries, let a robot do the work.


CORAL comes to you free of charge for any use you like. If used in an academic context, a
citation to the CORAL Working Paper is required. Otherwise, in the spirit of Open Source, please contribute back and changes and improvemnts that you make to the code.

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