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Geppaku is bluish white theme for Hugo.

Note that it is not in the "Seppuku".
I'm not Samurai.

Please check, if you are interested in this theme.


Index page


Post page



$ mkdir themes
$ cd themes
$ git clone hugo-theme-geppaku

See the Hugo documentation for more information.


Example of config.toml file:

baseurl = "http://your-site-here/"
languageCode = "en-us"
title = "your site title"
theme= "hugo-theme-geppaku"
googleAnalytics = ""
disqusShortname = ""

    # If you want to display author information set these
    # This is Optional values
    name = "Your name"

    # Please set account ids
    # This is Optional values
    twitter  = "your twitter id"
    linkedin = "your linkedin id"
    github   = "your github id"
    tumblr   = "your tumblr id"

        # If you want to display share buttons set these
        # This is Optional values
        twitter  = true
        facebook = true
        tumblr   = true
        # hatena   = true # hatena is Japanese social media
        google   = true
        pocket   = true
        # Please set id when you want to display facebook
        facebookAppId = "your app id"

        # If you want to display Google adsense set these
        # This is Optional values
        # 1. Create file written of the adsense tag into the directory "layouts/partials"
        # 2. Please set file path name omitted "layouts/partials"
        sidebar = "adsense/sidebar.html"
        content = "adsense/content.html"

You can delete optional parameter.
Please delete unnecessary parameter.


Create markdown file:

hugo new post/2016/05/

Example of the markdown file:

date = "2016-04-30T16:44:45+09:00"
draft = false
title = "Hello Hugo!"
slug = "hello-hugo"
categories = ["tech"]
tags = [
Hello Hugo!


Please check sample.