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SaltyNX plugin forcing docked or handheld graphics settings
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SaltyNX plugin that replaces games checks if you are using docked or handheld mode. They are mostly used to determine graphics settings and unlocking some options that are available only in docked/handheld mode. For now in experimental phase, because SaltyNX has many bugs that need to be patched.

Tests were done on FW 7.0.1-9.0.0, Atmosphere 0.9.1-0.9.4

It should work with ReinX too.

SX OS older than 2.9 are not working (no technical support for all SX OS versions). Tested only on sysNAND 9.0.0, 2.9.2

Clean Kosmos crashes SaltyNX because of too much sysmodules. You need to delete some (f.e. emuiibo, because it crashes SaltyNX on it's own). For less issues it's recommended to use Kosmos v14.0.1 at least.

Plugin can work globally or per titleid.

To activate loading per titleid, put empty file titleid.flag to saltysd/flags/ReverseNX/

You can use ReverseNX-Tool homebrew for easier management of both modes.

Flags: create in folder saltysd/plugins/ReverseNX/ (globally) or saltysd/plugins/(title_id)/ReverseNX/ (per titleid) empty file:

  • docked.flag for docked mode


  • handheld.flag for handheld mode

When both flags are there or none of them, plugin will ignore loading.

For docked flag is recommended to use OC settings exactly as used in docked mode:



Known issues:

  • SaltyNX is still under development, so it may cause issues on it's own:

Instability with some homebrews and sysmodules,

You need to have at least Hekate 5.0.2 if you don't want issues related to Hekate (rememeber to add to hekate_ipl.ini under your config line kip1=atmosphere/kips/* or other corresponding to you cfw).

32 bit games are unsupported,

0.3X Release crashes OS if in titles folder of game you want to boot are cheats. For avoiding this you can use disabled mode in ReverseNX-Tool,

For EmuMMC (and maybe sysnand too): if you use freebird, then OS can crash if you try to open hbmenu while running game (don't know if this was an issue with older releases).

Confirmed games working or not

exceptions.txt contains titleids of games that for some reason are not compatible with SaltyNX in newest release of ReverseNX. Put this file to SaltySD folder.

How to download release:

For Atmosphere or Reinx you can use combination + ReverseNX or + ReverseNX

For SX OS (2.9 or newer, older are not working) only + ReverseNX.

For SX OS remember to rename atmosphere folder to sxos

For ReinX remember to rename atmosphere folder to reinx and in case of using KIP rename kips folder to sysmodules

Thanks to

shinyquagsire23 for SaltyNX

ultimate-research for code-mod-framework

jugeeya for precompiled SaltyNX nsp sysmodule. Originally it's compiled as kip (precompiled sysmodule only in release) Deprecated from 0.3 release

zakaria and crow132 for testing

How to compile plugin

It still works even with warnings about not converting unsigned integers properly. Dunno how to repair it.

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