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Cordova-kun's Final Quest


21st century, time of chaos and war between thousands of tiny kingdoms. Castles and platforms were built and lost daily.

Symbiania, Palm Kingdom, Republic of MeeGo... all of them crashed and burned. Whenever a leader died, his army of developers was forced to serve another tyrant.

The developer army was furious.

They resisted the pressure and called for a hero...

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2

Playable Link

How to import in Monaca

  1. Sign up to Monaca for free.
  2. Download this project as "zip" and import.
  3. Download free Monaca Debugger from app stores and have fun on your device!


  • Character Designer: Mari Deguchi
  • Programming: Kenichi Naito
  • Words: Una Softic

Tools Used

Special Thanks

  • All of you playing this game!
  • All of you supporting Cordova!