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A book about writing compilers. In very early stages of writing.
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So, I'm writing a compiler book. Inspiration comes from this HN comment. Kudos also to Matthew Walton for thinking it'd be a good idea. ☺

Here's a tentative table of contents, cribbed straight from the HN comment in question, but hopefully evolvable into something more complete:

  • SSA
  • abstract interpretation
  • compiling high level languages
  • pointer analysis
  • compiling dynamic dispatch
  • garbage collection
  • closures

I expect to delve deeply into the Dragon book, SICP, and Modern Compiler Design in order to learn more of the theory and practice of writing compilers. It'll be both a learning experience and a teaching experience. ☺

Oh, and the plan is to use Perl 6 as the implementation language throughout the book. Partly because it's a pleasant langauge which will easily and succinctly express the points of the text; partly because it'll give us parsing for free through grammars. So we don't have to reinvent the wheel there. In fact, that's part of the intended use of Perl 6 — as a sort of "language incubator".

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