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[bin/crypt] more extensive help text

No shortcut commands yet. Those will come tomorrow.
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commit dc328199a2a1cb6aefc3c3ae039b4b68b052378d 1 parent 9b09e81
@masak authored
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12 bin/crypt
@@ -1397,10 +1397,14 @@ multi MAIN() {
$command .= trim;
when /^help>>/|"h"|"?" {
- say "Here are some (made-up) examples of commands you can use:";
- say "";
- say "look";
- say "[walk] north/south/east/west";
+ .say given # poor man's heredoc
+"Here are some (made-up) examples of commands you can use:
+look | take banana
+examine banana | drop banana
+[walk] north/south/east/west | put banana in bag
+ (or just n/s/e/w) | place banana on throne
+open bag | close bag";
when 'save' {
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