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Simple CSV (comma-separated values) format parser for Perl 6.

  use v6;
  use Text::CSV;

  say Text::CSV.parse-file('somefile.csv').perl;
  say Text::CSV.parse("foo,bar\nbaz,boo").perl;

Oh, and the C<parse> methods take the following named parameters:

    :trim Removes whitespace on both ends of each value.

    :skip-header Causes the first line not to be included in the output.

    :strict Throws an error if a row has a different number of columns
                 than the previous ones.

    :output Determines the shape of the returned data structure.
                 Allowed values are 'arrays' (the default), 'hashes',
                 and any type object (i.e. ':output(MyType)').
                 When the value is 'hashes' or a type object, the first line
                 is assumed to be a special header line, the values on that
                 line are used as hash keys, and :skip-header is suppressed.

If you see yourself regularly contravening the defaults of one or more of
these parameters, it might be a good idea to instantiate the Text::CSV
class, giving it the default values you want:

  my $parser = :output<hashes>, :!strict );
  my Hash[Str] @hashes = $parser.parse-file('somefile.csv');

== License

This module is released under Artistic 2.0. See LICENSE.
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