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[TODO] a few ideas awaiting tuits

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+Some new ideas await tuits:
+* According to <>,
+ "In some CSV implementations, leading and trailing spaces or tabs,
+ adjacent to commas, are trimmed. This practice is contentious and in
+ fact is specifically prohibited by RFC 4180, which states, "Spaces are
+ considered part of a field and should not be ignored." Seems a wise
+ course of action is to make spaces and tabs significant by default,
+ but add a 'trim' flag to the class.
+* Similarly, make single quotes not quote things by default. Perhaps
+ not even a flag is needed in this case.
+* Fields with embedded double-quote characters must be enclosed within
+ double-quote characters, and each of the embedded double-quote
+ characters must be represented by a pair of double-quote characters.
+* Fields with embedded line breaks must be enclosed within double-quote
+ characters. Need to support this.
+* The first record in a csv file may contain column names in each of
+ the fields. So, the plan is to have a 'header' flag, which treats the
+ first line specially, and makes CSV output an AoH instead of an AoA.

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