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added more ideas in case I run out

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@@ -10,3 +10,14 @@ Some new ideas await tuits:
* The first record in a csv file may contain column names in each of
the fields. So, the plan is to have a 'header' flag, which treats the
first line specially, and makes CSV output an AoH instead of an AoA.
+* Ooh, scratch the above idea, and make :header a more general :output
+ named param, where :output<hash> corresponds to the AoH idea. Then,
+ :output(SomeType) can create an AoO instead, each row corresponding to
+ one SomeType instantiation.
+* While we're at it, there could be a :strict flag that's off by default
+ in the :output<array> (default) case, but on for :output<hash> and
+ :output(SomeType). If it's turned off, keys will be missing (if there
+ are too few columns) or dropped (if there are too many), but hey, that's
+ what the user asked for.

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